Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Help me vote for Green City Market

It's no surprise to you all that I do dearly dearly love the Green City Market.  From last week's fantastic BBQ, (arguably Chicago's best event in the summer) to my easiest pick up spot for local, sustainable food, this market has been unbelievably formative in my locavore switch.  

Help me make Green City a better market-- this vote helps market managers connect with customers, new vendors, community leaders and local media.  America Farmland Trust helps support farmers, farmland and food through strengthening local economies and encouraging healthy farming techniques.

And yes, I know Green City is the biggest market in Chicago so maybe that means you don't think it needs our help, but you know what?  Without GCM, we would lose so much support for all of the other farmers markets in Chicago, the restaurants that source from it and the buyers that learned what it meant to go local at the sight of their burgeoning bumper crops.

To vote for Green City Market*, all you have to do is:
1.)    Go to www.farmland.org/vote
2.)    Type in 60614 (for GCM's zip code) and,
3.)    Click “Vote” 

If you aren't a local Chicagoan, please vote for your own too and let me know so I can be sure to check your local market out when I'm in town!!


  1. In true Chicago fashion I voted twice! Well not really I voted once for the spouse and once for me. I am looking forward to seeing you at the farm dinner, you'll have to pop in and see our Featherdown Tent!


  2. HA! Thanks Shannon! Lori (from Newedge) voted too and sent me this link. As it happens, CNN voters agree with me too! And we even ranked above Portland and Seattle? We're a pretty lucky city.