Sunday, November 21, 2010

Suckered in by a viking

This man got me into some serious trouble last night.  Here he is, innocently offering me a toasty beverage.  He looks nice right?  Kind of snuggly and warm and like you just want to hug him?

Skandis united at the Swedish American Museum last night for the official (early) unveiling of Simon's glögg.  You'll remember, the Scandinavian part of me is on high alert during this time of year and a chance to get at Simon's glögg early is the best early Christmas present I could imagine.  Said viking had made the traditional glögg from red wine, vodka, spices, raisins and blanched almonds and also a delightful white glögg, supposedly the new thing in Sweden.  They've been trying to push it for 5 years or so but Swedes are serious creatures of habit and haven't quite taken to it.  The Swedish-Americans at SAM last night, loved it though.

Across the room from the glögg temptation awaited.  Silent auction items from the Chamber of Commerce of Andersonville.  And there it sat.  The most beautiful little stock pot I've ever seen.  See??
Strawberry oven mitts, wooden spoon, a tea towel, steel tongs, a spatula, free cooking class coupon, and the most darling teal Le Creuset ever.  How could a girl say no?  I innocently put my name down as the first bidder, I'm just helping the auction get off to a good start. 
And now, here it sits. In my kitchen. Damn viking.  Truth be told, I did get it for 1/2 the true value so I owe a big thanks to the viking and Wooden Spoon.

Tonight to celebrate my newest kitchen addition, I made "what's left of my CSA box" ratatouille, and am currently nibbling away at the savory pot, and watching Pixar's version of the story.  I had forgotten, this dish is just incredible.  Throw some garlic, onions, peppers, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, red wine and herbes de provence in a pot and voila!  I let my stew for 2 hours and am guessing that it will be even better tomorrow, after the flavors settle in.
So Merry Christmas everybody.  Hope Santa is good to you this year, because his Nordic twin was awfully nice to me!!