Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chickens to Eggs

Back in March, I made a pretty bold claim that I may need to refute.  This circular question of 'which came first' got pretty complicated today.  You see, back in March I had 4 little hatchlings delivered to my door for in the hopes that one day they would all grow up and produce some fine, fresh eggs.  I had almost forgotten.  After too many mornings of trudging down my culinary school scraps to the back yard, tossing them in the cage and wishing them a good day with thoughts of tandoori chicken on the brain, I almost forgot why I was raising them.  Further complicating the issue was the day Paprikash decided to start crowing, and was promptly whisked away for a neat beheading in the countryside (he now is perched in my freezer, ready to sing his final song).  But then, today after work I got home, lifted the nesting box lid like normal to give the girls fresh water and voila!?
There they were.  I certainly wasn't expecting them (notice the lack of comfortable straw to help "ease the mothering transition" for the ladies).  It was time and no hard wood floor was going to keep them from it.  Now, I realize this is rather an odd question but, who's the babies momma?
Any takers?  Tetrazinni looks a little spry and curious with her brown head cocked to the side but she's still a bit too finicky to be the first layer.  Pollo is having a peacock-esque day, and would make a very proud momma but her comb hasn't quite grown in and she's acts a little tougher then she really is.  My money is on Tandoori.  She's had a rough go of it the last week, after her comb was bloodily half-severed in a pecking order duel but she's the biggest and has all the right curves for laying.
So here's hoping for contagion.  Dinner tonight was March's summer version of eggs on toast-- I just couldn't resist.  Half a peach, rather than grapefruit, whole grain bread from Treasure Island, and eggs.  My very own eggs.  Yes I will be sharing so please place your name in queue.


  1. omg i can't take fantastic:) were they yummy???

  2. Consider me in the queue! I have figured out how to get to Old Town, so now I can come see your place and see you and pick them up! :)

  3. Congratulations! How were the eggs? They look fabulous! Put me in the egg queue too. I am looking forward to seeing you at the farm dinner