Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our hens are growing up

Please tell me if you are a pet owner, that it is perfectly normal and healthy to track life on the stages of your pet's growth.  Just as I type that phrase, it feels that this whole 'chickens in the city' is me feathering my nest much more than I had intended.  I swear I'm not nesting.  I'm still running about, taking weekend trips to microbreweries just to get out of the city and see the horizon for a bit.  I have only gone to one Cubs game this year and plan to multiply that number shortly. However.  Sigh.  I'm starting to mark time by this kind of growth:
They started hand-held:
They were little and cute and chirping away in our back porch.

Fluff started disappearing, feet and feathers grew
they learned to how to make friends.
and how to perch.
And then, my dear girls got a real home, not just a cardboard box, brought to you buy
We're calling a chicken condo, rather than coop.  And since they're Old Town hens, they'll probably be getting little Tiffany's bracelets for their second birthday.  Classy ladies.
The hens are happily nested, though still won't be laying until September.  In the meantime I tossed in a few strawberry tops and asparagus ends and the girls went wild.

So I have housed-soon-to-be-nested, happy chickens.  And somehow, as they're now the size that's a bit too large to be held, but not quite yet laying, I think I had better think about where I will grow my beans this year, and when to move the herbs outside.  We're mid-spring-sized chicken.


  1. Loved the posts and the chickens are beautiful, as is that kick butt condo....I mean coop!


  2. Those are some cute chickens. I had Rhode Island Reds growing up and my ladies won quite a few 4H blue ribbons for their eggs. Those ribbons also came with checks for 75 cents which I always proudly cashed. Then a weasel started eating them. Kind of traumatic as a kid to find one of your pets headless every week. May your chickens be protected from all urban predators and jealous neighbors.

  3. I still have to come by and see them...they're huge already!