Friday, June 19, 2009

Birchwood Kitchens

Birchwood opened early summer and I first checked it out about 2 weeks after they opened. Ordered at the counter and stroll out to the herb filled, ivy-lined patio to wait for our sandwiches...I had brought a few anchor steams to accompany sandwiches on the patio and after figuring out that their wine key didn't have an opener on it (gasp!) Ernesto was brought out from behind the line to demonstrate his incredible gift of opening beers with a mega chef's knife. Accommodating and entertaining, to say the least.

Started by the fromagier from Pastorale and friends, all the sandwiches I've had thus far are a delight:  normally on the smokier side, or perhaps that's just what my palate usually leads me to order. As of August just added burgers to their menu (Tuesday-Saturday) and the turkey burger with chipotle may is fantastic. Plus if you go on a Wednesday in August, burgers are buy one get one... DEAL! BYO and get a sandwich free? Come on. I know there's a recession on but let's be honest, you can't resist.

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